Kathy Cotter


Speaking of Art with Kathy Cotter

by M Sebastian Araujo
 Sometimes ART does truly reflect the time and place that it was created. The work of Kathy Cotter is very evocative of life on Cape Cod…and the textural quality of the work is what always seems to excite my eyes and mind. While looking at the work one is transported into a world of color shape and textures that seem to be both very real and abstract as well, recently I had a chance to find out more about how that happens…

Why do you create art?
It satisfies something deep inside of me to make something from nothing. To see a painting come alive always surprises me and gives me a sense of joy.
Was there an AHA moment when you knew you were an artist?
 Not as  yet…hahaha!
I was never comfortable saying I was an artist, even after I’d had several shows in galleries. I approach art like I approach cooking — one day at a time and a lot of experimentation. Finally now, after painting for more than 10 years, and recognition by my peers I comfortably identify as an artist!
What is it about Cape Cod and Ptown that has always attracted creative people?
    The SEA
    The SKY
    The WATER
    The LIGHT
    The PEOPLE
All of those things combined with the freedom to be who you are, and try new things. 
 Who is your favorite artist and why?
I would have to say Picasso. When I first saw his paintings and ceramics in person, I was awestruck. They left an indelible impression on me. I also like the fact that he was not tied to one specific style or medium.
Where do you like to work the most?
I definitely prefer to work in the studio. I like to be surrounded by my old paintings, good and bad, to be reminded of what I liked and disliked about them — and to use those reminders when creating new works. It’s also helpful to have wax or a blowtorch or any other tool readily available if I decide the work calls for it. I typically don’t go in with a preconceived notion of what it is I am going to make or what the work will look like when it’s finished. I just go where it takes me.

 How wonderful it is to have the spirit of  Olde Cape Cod alive and well amid the tumult of Modern life…always a haven for creative souls and place for others to come and share in that energy while the WORLD spins round…MSA
 To find out more CLICK.
WEBSITE: www.kcotter.com
Currently showing @       ADAM PECK GALLERY.  142 Commercial Street  adampeckgallery.com
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